Absolutely Appalling: Windows 7 believed to be less secure than Windows Vista

February 9, 2009

According to some testers, Windows 7 may be less secure than Windows Vista in some aspects. This is surprising and unbelievable news to us as Microsoft has promised to deliver Windows 7 to be the new savior for the Vista-haters. Anyone who never really latched onto Vista or out-right refused to make the move over to Vista would have a new "safe" alternative in Windows 7.

What was found in Windows 7 making it less secure than Windows Vista?

Two severe exploit channels in the UAC (User Account Control) setting, which is currently the default for Windows 7, was discovered by Windows enthusiast bloggers, Rafael Rivera and Long Zheng. One of the exploits allows malware to turn off UAC while the other, without alerting or notifying the computer user, allows malware to auto-elevate. In this discovery the Windows enthusiast bloggers spoke to Microsoft privately about this situation. The response may not be up for discussion but it was affirmed, by Microsoft, that the discovery was not a vulnerability. It seems Microsoft has already received a vast amount of feedback on UAC behavior as a major can or worms may have been opened as to what could come of the security level of Windows 7.

Windows Vista or Windows 7We may believe that because of this discovery and "private chats" with Microsoft about the vulnerabilities, it may be in Microsoft's best interest to rectify the issue to make Windows 7 a better product while it is still in beta form. Could this delay a future release of Windows 7? Sure, but it may be something Microsoft will accomplish fixing in time to meet their originally planned deadline for rolling out Windows 7.

Just think, if enough people get wind that Windows 7 is supposedly less secure than Vista then what do PC users have to look forward to from the Windows operating system? It seems like some may be holding onto Windows XP for an even longer period of time. We believe that Windows 7 will not disappoint when it comes to security but we will have to patiently wait to find out for sure. Through extensive testing and getting results back from the beta testers will Microsoft find a solution to the UAC exploitations in time to have Windows 7 top that of Vista and XP in the security field.

What do you think about Windows 7? Will you switch over or will security vulnerabilities like this delay your switch? Will Windows 7 be the anti-Vista that we have been waiting for or will it let us all down while we keep running Windows XP?

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