‘carcinoma24@aol.com’ Ransomware Removal Process

April 16, 2019

The malware threat dubbed 'carcinoma24@aol.com' Ransomware is one that comes directly from the Dharma family of ransomware where it uses file encryption actions to attack a PC and make demands for the user to pay a ransom fee.

The 'carcinoma24@aol.com' Ransomware is not all that different from its predecessor or Dharma Ransomware in that it will encrypt files and relay a ransom note demanding a Bitcoin payment from the computer user. Those who give into the ransom note and make the payment could be out of hundreds to thousands of dollars without a guarantee of getting the files restored as promised.

Instead of risking the loss of money and time it is highly suggested by us and other known computer security experts to first eliminate the 'carcinoma24@aol.com' Ransomware threat by using an antispyware resource. After removal of 'carcinoma24@aol.com' Ransomware the files that it has left encrypted can then be restored using a recent backup of the affected computer.

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