Critical Internet Explorer Bug Recently Uncovered But Was Reported Years Ago

July 7, 2009

The latest bug within Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser is just now being addressed but was something reported back in 2007.

Microsoft seems to be rushing to address a discovered bug within their Internet Explorer web browser that was discovered by security researchers back in 2007. Hackers are using this bug to attack Internet Explorer users but was something that was uncovered some time ago which could have been addressed back then. Microsoft credited two researchers for reporting the bug, Alex Wheeler and Ryan Smith.

Both Wheeler and Smith worked at IBM's ISS X-Force together at one point and time while Wheeler moved on to 3Com's TippingPoint DVLabs. Smith was confirmed by Wheeler as to having uncovered the vulnerability in IE. Both have not confirmed any details on when the bug was actually reported to Microsoft.

Could it be a case where the issue was ignored by Microsoft?

For the actual reporting date of this vulnerability in Internet Explorer, the CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) number was CVE-2008-0015 which may point to a 2008 date.

Regardless of when the bug was actually first reported, the vulnerability remains to be very serious. It allows hackers to easily and consistently exploit their system via Internet Explorer 6 and 7 on computers running Windows XP.

Some computer experts have taken apron themselves to resolve the situation by recommending that users simply switch browsers.

Do you have any fears in using Internet Explorer and whether it is the “safer choice” for a web browser? Which web browser do you use?

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