How to start computer in safe mode?

October 1, 2007

It happens so often that we need to boot the computer in safe mode for troubleshooting purpose.

1. Turn on the computer.

2. As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, press F8.

3. Select safe mode from the screen options, and then press ENTER.

4. Done.


  • Venny Parker says:

    Helpful information. Lucky me I discovered your website accidentally, was able to fix my PC by going into Safe Mode. Thanks for the guide and tips for Windows Safe Mode!

  • Steve says:

    When I reboot in safe mode the SmitfraudFix.exc is not on my desktop. Why is this?

  • carolmorales says:

    have computer thats in safe mode windows 2000 need help.

  • Helen says:

    It’s not letting me restart in safe mode. I get into it, but then get a black screen with ‘safe mode’ in the corners and I can’t seem to do anything.

  • Brian Wiegand says:

    To fully get rid of the “VirusHeat” problem (namely the false system warnings & alerts) I had to shut down the op sys auto restore / rename “scit.exe” and “sbmntr.exe” / reboot / delete “scit.exe” and “sbmntr.exe” & all associated files (same name but diff typ) / reboot / success!!

  • Meredith says:

    I also had trouble staring in safe mode. To do it, I pressed F2 (very quickly!!) as it was booting up and this gets you to a setup menu. On that, I turned off a feature called “fast boot.” Then I restarted again, and this time, it’s slow enough that I had time to press F8 and get the option to start in safe mode.

    However, in safe mode, I still couldn’t erase, delete, or rename the file wuuawkz.dll (“access denied by another process”).

    Shortly after that, however, the popup and the thing on the taskbar disappeared (we had already deleted most of the executables). So I still don’t know if I did it or if another security program did it.

    Don’t know if this is helpful….

  • James says:

    I tried to restart my computer in safe mode but it won’t.

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