Microsoft To Launch Ad Blocker on Mobile iOS Devices

July 6, 2018

microsoft ios ad blockerAfter Microsoft integrated an ad blocking feature in Microsoft Edge for Android devices, now the company plans to cover the users of the browser on iOS as well. Testing of the new Edge browser is currently still running, though Microsoft hopes to be able to launch the update as soon as possible. On both Android and iOS, the feature that blocks advertisements is powered by Adblock Plus and is enabled by default, however, users will have the opportunity to switch the function off from the settings screen. In any case, as these capabilities are still in beta testing, they are not yet available to the mass user. Considering, however, the fast pace that Microsoft has adopted for the implementation of the recent Edge updates, users should not wait long before they can take advantage of the new cybersecurity feature of the browser.

Microsoft Edge is the successor of Internet Explorer on Windows 10, and it includes some essential features like extensions support, though the company claims that every time the operating system is updated, the browser also gets additional improvements. For mobile devices, Microsoft says that the ad-blocking features are the next important milestone among the other significant updates that are currently being tested for the upcoming release cycle.

For users of mobile Android and iOS mobile operating systems, however, is an inbuilt ad filter nothing unseen before. In fact, most of the existing and popular browsers on both mobile platforms already have some tool of that kind. Apple's own browser Safari, for example, has certain content blockers which also prevent ads from showing. These can be installed on both iPad and iPhone.

Since Windows 10 Mobile has not managed to break through the harsh competition of platforms for mobile devices, the company has been forced to change the plan for its Edge browser. Instead of keeping it exclusive for Windows OS, as initially intended, now Microsoft has expanded its availability to make it compatible with the rival platforms. At this point, the new version of Microsoft Edge for iOS which includes the default ad-block feature can be downloaded exclusively from the TestFlight program. The current version of the browser is available in App Store for users who wish to try it before the experimental features have been rolled out.

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