Remove Conficker Worm for Free and Prepare for April Fool’s Day Worm

March 26, 2009

If their ware a vaccine for Conficker Worm and the newest variant, Conficker.C, which some call the April Fool’s Day Worm, would you use it?

A new threat of Conficker Worm has surfaced and many researchers are scrambling to not only prepare for it but remove it. Of course you could run into spending a lot of money by purchasing all types of antivirus programs that promise to be able to remove the latest worm and virus threats but that is not feasible in this current state of the economy.

Some companies such as Panda Security and Symantec have developed free Conficker/Downadup removal tools. Many security firms and researchers are steadily warning the public about the expected dangers and resurfacing of Conficker. You do know that you can take action now to remove it before it starts causing issues? Yes, Conficker.C, the newest variant of Conficker worm may have already infected many computers around the world but it is hard coded to start connecting to it’s "controllers" the week of April 1st. Not until then will many researchers and security firms know what damages Conficker.C will cause.

Conficker Worm was known to have affected several millions of computers around the world and the latest Conficker.C could do the same. Some of the free removal tools offered by various security companies may offer a solution to you for removing Conficker before it has a chance to do any damage. Below is a list of a few free Conficker removal tools that we have found over the internet.

Panda Security Conficker Removal Tool
Panda Security's Free Conficker Vaccine – It seems to cut off Conficker at the USB level preventing it from auto-executing USB files blocking the AutoRun function.

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - Remove Conficker
Microsoft's Free Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool – On the website it specifies Win32/Conficker as a parasite that it is able to remove.

Enigma Software Conficker Removal Tool
Enigma Software Group's Free Conficker Removal Tool – Uses a multiple step process to block certain files in order to remove all variants of Conficker from your computer.

Symantec Conficker Removal Tool
Symantec's Free W32.Donadup Removal Tool – Specifies that it removes different versions of Conficker including the aliases W32.Downadup, W32.Downadup.B and W32.Downadup.C (Conficker.C). *Downadup is an alias for Conficker.

Note: We have provided information and links to several free Conficker removal tools. These links are provided for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.

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  • coffee buzz says:

    It seems like basic common sense that you shouldn’t download or install programs on your computer, then you won’t have to worry too much about worms or viruses (like Conficker)

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