Warning: “Obama Acceptance Speech” or “Amazing Speech by Obama” are Headlines for a Spam Message That Contains a Virus

January 13, 2009

With the upcoming inauguration of our 44th President it prompts a new subject line that hackers are using to send spam messages with malware attachments.

Security researchers have received tips of spam messages with the subject lines "Obama Acceptance Speech" or "Amazing Speech by Obama" may contain a serious Trojan infection. From several reports, this Trojan may be capable of stealing your passwords and usernames to certain accounts that you access online.

This new spam message may appear to have come from a reputable news source such as CNN.com or MSNBC but it is usually a hacker using a disguised email address. We know how it was an instance in the past where a CNN.com malspam message caused a great uproar for spreading malware. This case can be just as serious and reach even more computer users by use of the current Presidential Inauguration as a subject to base it off of.

Several other subject lines have been used in the past probably by the same group of hackers who are sending the current Obama related spam messages. It is important to always use good judgment when deciding to open any email message even if it is something that you really want to read or view about the U.S. President. The 2008 election has brought an onslaught of all types of spam messages that use similar subject lines to spread viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malware over the internet.

Do you still get emails related to the Presidential Election or the upcoming Presidential Inauguration? If so, do you know if they are spam messages?

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